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Links tagged with “via:newaesthetic”

  1. Internet of Dreams - Time and Edges

    StreetView showing the same street both pre- and post- gentrification, giving a hint at its historical importance. Imagine being in the 22nd century and being able to use today’s StreetView. (via New Aesthetic)

  2. “We started drive farming in November 2011. The reason was simple, the supply of the 3TB hard drives…”

    Backblaze’s staff, friends and family buying hard drives in small numbers from many stores when the flooding in Thailand restricts supply. (via New Aesthetic)

  3. 1906 Earthquake Blended with Today | Shawn Clover

    Lovely merging of photos of San Francisco from 1906 and today. (via New Aesthetic)

  4. Flickr: Faces illuminated by Displays

    I love seeing faces lit up by screens at night. A beautiful and only modern sight. (via The New Aesthetic)

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