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Links tagged with “via:cal”

  1. Listen to your web pages

    “Copy this into the console of any web page that is interactive and doesn’t do hard reloads. You will hear your DOM changes as different pitches of audio.” Lovely. (via Cal Henderson)

  2. Shapecatcher: Draw the Unicode character you want!

    Draw a shape and it tries to guess the Unicode character. It’s fun to draw a squiggle and find odd characters. Cow Face! (via Cal)

  3. Git How-To: Remove Your Password from a Repository | David Verhasselt

    I’m so going to need to do this at some point. (via Cal)

  4. How to Merge Two Airlines - Graphic -

    A post-it timeline from Delta Air Lines’ headquarters outlining its gradual merger with Northwest. (via Cal)

  5. JavaScript Garden

    A good run-through of some of JavaScript’s tricky bits, a lot like Crockford’s ‘JavaScript: The Good Parts’. I still don’t get prototypes etc though. (via Cal)

  6. Mashup Breakdown - Girl Talk - All Day

    This is a wonderful visualisation, as I can never pick apart the samples of mashups, even if I recognise them. More please. (via Cal)

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