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Links tagged with “upcoming”

  1. Diary of a Corporate Sellout — The Message — Medium

    Andy Baio on what it means to sell a site to a larger company. When you give up ownership, you’re selling the community.

  2. How You Can Help Save, Posterous, and More

    Solely for the phrase “companies like Yahoo work to destroy as much human history as possible.” Must suck to work somewhere like that.

  3. Haddock Events

    We’ll be using a Upcoming group (private membership, publicly viewable) to collate interesting events. Feel free to let me know if we miss something.

  4. Disambiguity - » Ambient Intimacy

    Excellent stuff on following friends in Twitter, Flickr, etc. I must try and remember some of this for all those times I try and explain my online life to non-geek friends who look at me like I’m some weird stalking nerd. (via Yoz)

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