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Links tagged with “trains”

  1. Europe by train made easy | Loco2

    For future reference. (via @benhammersley)

  2. Loopy Ideas Are Fine, If You’re an Entrepreneur | Pedestrian Observations

    Good on the vagueness and unreliability of the Hyperloop plans, and also on America’s willingness to unquestioningly think successful people can succeed at anything they fancy.

  3. The Quiet Ones -

    On the Amtrak quiet carriage. I’ve almost given up on UK quiet carriages as they never are, and are therefore extra annoying. Also, the New York Times is apparently “regrettably” unable to print the word “assholes”?! (via Kottke)

  4. Flickr: The Broad Street & old Liverpool Street station, London Pool

    Some good old pics. I should remember a lot more of the old Liverpool and Broad Street stations than I do.

  5. Live map of London Underground trains

    Lovely quick thing from Matthew Somerville, a map of where tube trains are right now. Moving. Live. Magic.

  6. Accessible National Rail Enquiries!

    From Matthew Somerville, who also brought you accessible Odeon.

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