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Links tagged with “tedmills”

  1. Stone Cold Pimpin’: NASA’s Forgotten Ambient Albums

    “Space music” from 1992: “raw, uncatalogued space sounds data … we selected random information from the raw data and processed it to produce ‘Symphonies of the Planets’”. Ambient “music”.

  2. Rickstones Yearbook 1986 - a photoset on Flickr

    Photos and drawings from my school 21 years ago. You can see me in class 4R (the same photo as 4C on the thumbnails). Also, top row of thumbnails, fourth from left. Good work Ted!

  3. Flickr: mills70’s photos tagged with rickstones

    I’m enjoying Ted’s photos from our school in the 1980s. Fashions were strange weren’t they.

  4. Old Photos 1968 - a photoset on Flickr

    Anything pre-1990s, like Ted’s photos, look twice as old when displayed on the web where everything is new.

  5. Stone Cold Pimpin’: Petracovich - The New Video

    My friend Ted’s made a lovely music video for Petracovich’s dreamy track ‘Others’.

  6. The Bookshelf - City Comforts - David Sucher

    Ted on a book and author I hadn’t heard of, but it sounds good.

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