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Links tagged with “tagging”

  1. Some thoughts on Lightroom Keywords – Chuqui 3.0

    I’m fascinated, amused and horrified that people have to spend so much time on thinking about the kind of thing that was once a relatively obscure part of a small profession. (via John Beardsworth)

  2. Alex’s django-taggit at master - GitHub

    Hopefully more reliable than whatever that other django tagging app I used a while ago was.

  3. Dan Grossman » Open Calais Tags

    “a PHP class for extracting entities from text using Open Calais”

  4. Jaikoz Audio Tagger

    Multi-platform ID3 tagging app, for most kinds of music file, using MusicBrainz and MusicIP. 15 quid, but powerful, even if a bit, you know, Java.

  5. Google Image Labeler

    I’m trying not to let this useful game eat up all of my time, although it’s getting a fair amount of it.

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