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Links tagged with “subversion”

  1. What Mother never told you about SVN Branching and Merging « Design By Gravity

    This kind of stuff scares me, but this is a technique that’s supposed to work.

  2. Cornerstone vs. Versions, Again

    Comparing Mac Subversion clients. (via Daring Fireball)

  3. Beanstalk — Version Control with a Human Face

    Hosted Subversion. Looks very nice. (via TUAW)

  4. Versions - Mac Subversion Client (SVN)

    Nice looking Subversion client for the Mac (er, like it says). (via TUAW)

  5. Luke Melia » Installing subversion at pair

    Maybe I should finally do this. Before I regret not doing it.

  6. Keeping Your Life in Subversion

    Using Subversion to backup all your files, and sync them among different machines. (via Tim)

  7. : Subverting my weblog

    Putting your home directory into Subversion (for keeping revisions of all the changes you make to files).

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