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Links tagged with “sms”

  1. Dealing with SMS Spam from @PaddyPower ← Terence Eden’s Blog

    An amazing chain of organisations selling on spuriously-opted-in details for SMS spam. Seems like there’s effectively no way to stop it. (via @gwire)

  2. PhoneView for iPhone - iPhone Disk Mode, SMS, Voicemail, Call History, Music, Photos, Notes Access - Ecamm Network

    Among other things, lets you export all of your iPhone SMSes. $20 saved me spending more time messing around with binary plist files, sqlite, etc.

  3. SMS Text News » 07624* is billed by Three and T-Mobile as an international text?

    Twitter’s new UK SMS number will, on T-Mobile and maybe Three, still cost you silly money to use and won’t be included in your bundle.

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