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Links tagged with “safety”

  1. Safety is an Expensive Illusion

    For the middle bit in which he calculates the lifetime cost (in money and time) of driving a larger, very sliightly safer, car.

  2. Cyclists in the City: HGVs - Time to make common cause with pedestrians and motorcyclists?

    Some figures on how pedestrian and cycle casualties are caused in the City. Only 5% of pedestrian casualties are the result of cyclists, although pedestrians generally feel cyclists are dangerous. 

  3. Your London - Living

    “This website lets you search for food businesses across London to find out the hygiene rating they achieved from their last food hygiene inspection.” Am I Being Poisoned Or Not? (via Haddock)

  4. Sign Builder 2.0 - Industrial Signage

    Excellent web tool for generating PDF signs with standard icons. Hours of ANSI standard fun. (via Cool Tools)

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