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Links tagged with “printmakers”

  1. Ann Lewis Printmaker - Limited Edition Linocuts

    Lovely muted colour palettes on these.

  2. Paul Catherall

    Very simple, colourful prints of buildings and city views.

  3. Dave Lerner - Reduction Linocuts

    Very smart prints of neon signs, vintage cars etc. I’d never have guessed they were linocuts.

  4. Margaret Mallows - Prints for Sale | Artfinder

    Mainly for the number of colours she uses in the reduction linocuts (often over a dozen).

  5. Black Pig Printmaking Studio - Linocuts

    Really detailed monochrome linocuts.

  6. Prints of Cityscapes/Landscapes by artist Steve Edwards

    Some interesting effects by etching lino (with caustic soda?).

  7. Artwork Gallery and Shop - Alexandra Buckle

    Some lovely reduction lino prints, without too much of the tweeness that a lot of nature prints have.

  8. All Prints – Ian Phillips

    Really lovely woodblock and linocut prints.

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