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2021-04-14 (Wednesday)



  1. Ann Lewis Printmaker - Limited Edition Linocuts

    Lovely muted colour palettes on these.


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    I’ve been dreading Google closing down FeedBurner for years. It seemed like something they’d forgotten about and as soon as they remembered they had it, it’d get shut. But no! Losing the email subscription feature is a pain, but understandable.…

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    @hex Very good. Even different cities have their own taxi colours!

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    @Barbican_Assoc Are you OK? You seem to be posting the same Underfloor Heating post to your blog every day (more than 40 times so far) and that generates a new tweet every day.

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    @philgyford You’re welcome.

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    My colleague Pippa is leaving and her farewell card is doing the rounds. One person has used a bespoke farewell stamp and another has just written ‘& Michael K’ below someone else’s message. Stunning.