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Links tagged with “printing”

  1. Walden Pond

    A monthly zine/book posted to you, generated from articles in your Pocket list. A bit Newspaper Club-like. (via

  2. theprintspace | Art Printing | High Quality Photo Prints

    Someone recommended this place for getting prints of photos, but I forget who.


    Tools for turning web pages into newspaper-style PDFs, generating RSS feeds for sites that don’t have them, etc. (via Ask MetaFilter)

  4. Nighttime

    Nice illustrations, sold as prints, of some mostly London buildings.

  5. London Centre for Book Arts

    New, in Hackney, devoted to artists’ books. They do classes on printing, binding, etc. (via the Guardian)

  6. Free PDF Printer

    I failed to get Windows XP running on VMWare to print. Grrr. But this allowed me to print to a PDF, which I could drag to the Mac and print from there.

  7. Newspaper Club - A work in progress

    Just down the corridor Russell, Ben and Tom are doing some marvellous things, and sharing their progress. This will be awesome.

  8. London Print Studio - courses

    Would love to do this if I found more hours in the day. Was thinking more of lino/wood cuts though. (via Rodcorp)

  9. Em-K :: Emily Ketteringham :: Screen print gallery

    My favourite work seen on the ‘Southville Art & Performance Trail’ in Bristol last weekend.

  10. Blair kelly studio

    Gorgeous lino cuts. One day I’m going to do lino cuts again. I can dream that they’ll be this good. (via Drawn!)

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