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Links tagged with “presentations”

  1. Marp - Markdown Presentation Writer

    Open source, multi-platform. Might be worth a look as I found Deckset frustrating and a bit limiting. (via Brett Terpstra)

  2. Code highlighting for Keynote presentations

    Surprisingly painless and useful. Which isn’t to say entirely painless, but less than expected.

  3. 13 Ways Designers Screw Up Client Presentations — Medium

    Lots of good tips, easily extrapolated to non-designers presenting work to clients too. (via @antimega)

  4. Bartaz/impress.js - GitHub

    Very nice browser-based, JavaScript/CSS thing for making presentations, with all slides held in one 2D (or 3D) space. Try the demo… (via Waxy)

  5. The Best (and Worst) of Django

    A presentation covering a few things to do or avoid. Bookmarking it mainly for the settings bit at the end, something I should do better, like this.

  6. Alternatives to the Singularity - “Google Docs”

    “A collaborative presentation for/by grumpy futurists” (via @yoz)

  7. How I made my presentations a little better | 43 Folders

    Merlin Mann’s collection of tips and links on doing better presentations. Part of me would like to do presentations so I could do good ones. (via Danhon)

  8. S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System

    Spent ages trying to find this a while back when I couldn’t remember the name. Now I have you.

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