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2015-10-07 (Wednesday)


  1. Extended Date Time Format (Library of Congress)

    Creating a spec for dates, including uncertain dates, approximate dates, unkown parts of dates, dates with years beyond (+/-)9999, seasons.

  2. Who’s On First · Mapzen

    On making, basically, a database of places. You don’t need to understand the technical details to get a sense of the huge difficulties in translating these odd human concepts into something more computery. From August 2015. (via @simonw)

  3. Code highlighting for Keynote presentations

    Surprisingly painless and useful. Which isn’t to say entirely painless, but less than expected.


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    @tomstuart Thanks. I’ve been spoiled by working on my own too much. No one to nag me about my trail of tiny commits.

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    @tomstuart Or is this just cunning social media advertising for a new range of git workshops from you? So hard to tell these days!

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    @tomstuart What’s good to read about when and how to squash/reorder commits, as I never do and know I should?

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    @genmon @infovore @mattsheret And the first 30% of any non-news article. (News articles being the other way round.)

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    This, from tomorrow's Daily Mirror, wins the #BrianBlessed coverage: