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Links tagged with “plugin”

  1. All Things Seen and Unseen » Similar Posts

    WordPress plugin for doing “more posts like this” stuff. Sounds well done. (via Infovore)

  2. BuddyPress » About BuddyPress

    “The idea of BuddyPress is to take a standard vanilla installation of WordPress MU and turn it into something that represents more of a community building tool, or niche social network.” (via Oblomovka)

  3. WideMail

    Another plugin that gives you a three column interface. Better / worse / different to Letterbox?

  4. » Letterbox

    A plugin for that rearranges the interface into three columns, which might help me survive the switch from Eudora.

  5. YSlow for Firebug

    Not entirely sure about the A-F grading, but handy plug-in for measuring page loading times and weights. (via Rodcorp)

  6. jQuery date picker

    I’ve been dabbling with jQuery and this plugin makes doing just what I wanted as easy as it could be.

  7. WizbangTech - MT Plugin: Naughtytext 1.0

    Movable Type plugin to strip ugly characters (like those from Microsoft Word) from entries and comments.

  8. MT Hacks FastSearch

    PHP-based replacement for Movable Type’s generally inadequate in-built search tool.

  9. Solid Wall of Code: AutoBan

    Movable Type plug-in that automatically updates an .htaccess file with IP addresses posting spam comments/trackbacks to your site, banning them.

  10. MT Extensions: MTTagInvoke 0.9

    I could have done with this so many times before this week, when I stumbled across it. Linking to it because I’ll forget the name by next week.

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