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Links tagged with “phones”

  1. Timo Arnall - People using phones, today in London.

    Some lovely animated gifs from Timo. Hypnotic.

  2. What was daily life like before almost everyone had cell phones? - Quora

    I love the responses to this question. I remember it all of course, and it’s not that long ago, but it still seems like another world. (via @tomcoates)

  3. Pay as you go sim with data Wiki

    This could be very handy when going to Abroad.

  4. Stephen Fry » Blog Archive » Device and Desires

    Splendid essay about all the smartphones he’s owned. He cares, he knows what he’s talking about, he’s such a lovely, lovely geek. (via ChrisDodo)

  5. Tech Report: HPL-2004-216: How and Why People Use Camera Phones

    If I link to it maybe I can get away without reading it?

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