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Links tagged with “paulmorley”

  1. Playlist by mildlydiverting - Spotify

    Kim made a playlist of that list of bands in that Paul Morley article what I linked to the other day. Thanks Kim!

  2. Paul Morley: Perhaps I’ll finally give Glastonbury a go | Music | The Observer

    Not that I want to reduce Morley to a music-list-making-machine, but I keep meaning to listen to some of the current music he listed here last month, as I’m so out of touch.

  3. Paul Morley’s showing off … Classical | Music |

    Somehow I was unaware of the BBC programme and now it’s off iPlayer. Grrr. Sounds awesome and I’ve only read ‘Critic to Composer’ so far. (via Blackbeltjones)

  4. The Observer | OMM | A northern soul

    Paul Morley on the Manchester and Liverpool punk scenes from 1976 and beyond. I always find his excitement infectious. (via Ted Mills)

  5. Paul Morley’s Top Ten(ish) Books. Fun stuff.

    No idea what date that was published on though.

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