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Links tagged with “parliament”

  1. Mithering about the unmodellable

    On the difficulties of modelling how Parliament works, and the pros and cons of doing so. (via @markhurrell)

  2. Street Traffic Accidents (Metropolis). (Hansard, 18 May 1914)

    “…can [the Home Secretary] see his way so to alter or relax the police regulations as to enable the more expeditious slaughter of animals meeting with serious accidents in the streets?”

  3. | Bills before Parliament

    I haven’t noticed this before - a surprisingly simple and clear indication of the bills. Click one to see its progress in more detail. Not perfect, but much better than I expected.

  4. » You Stand for Nothing But Election

    Using TheyWorkForYou data to demonstrate Hazel Blears’ spineless voting record. “You create an impenetrable political monoculture, then moan that people don’t engage in politics.” (via Stef on Twitter)

  5. House of Commons, Journal | British History Online

    Going back to 1547 (and House of Lords), could be handy for Pepys. But, annoyingly, very un-guessable URLs for the daily archives. Hmm.

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