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Links tagged with “paris”

  1. Henry Beck Rules, not OK? Breaking the Rules of Diagrammatic Map Design (PDF)

    A thoughtful essay by Max Roberts, from 2009, about the rules used in Beck’s diagrammatic London Underground map, and when they’re worth breaking. Well worth a read. (via Blech)

  2. Twitter / alex butterworth: For the next ten weeks I w …

    “For the next ten weeks I will be tweeting the events of the Commune through the voices of the participants.” Lovely idea, seems a bit hard to follow what’s actually happening, or maybe I’ve missed the point.

  3. Sohei Nishino - Diorama map London (Detailed info)

    Stunning photographic collage photo-maps of cities. Currently at Michael Hoppen Gallery, SW3 3TD until 2nd April. (via Blech)

  4. Google LatLong: History in the Unmaking

    Very nice - Google Earth layers of London and Paris in 1945. I also didn’t know Google Earth had lots of different post-2000 layers (for London at least). (via Booktwo)

  5. Voice of a City Paris

    A group blog about Paris — get the hang of the place from what the locals say I think.

  6. Google Maps + Google Video + Mashup - Claude Lelouch’s Rendezvous

    Fantastic idea, although it stutters horribly and becomes very out of sync for me.

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