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2010-10-27 (Wednesday)


  1. Izi / django-admin-tools / wiki / Home – Bitbucket

    Another way of making Django’s admin nicer.

  2. Django-grappelli - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Skin for making Django admin look nicer.

  3. » Toxic Brew

    [Slight ‘Rubicon’ spoiler ahead.] Interesting, scary stuff about Koch Industries, the Tea Party, and astro-turfing. But, pessimistically, I can’t help thinking of ‘Rubicon’s Spengler saying: “Make your report Will. Knock ‘em dead … Do you really think anyone is going to give a shit?” (via @edmittance)

  4. Google LatLong: History in the Unmaking

    Very nice - Google Earth layers of London and Paris in 1945. I also didn’t know Google Earth had lots of different post-2000 layers (for London at least). (via Booktwo)


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    Getting on the groovy train. Well, sitting at my desk in the office. Similar.

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    @jonronson My mum thinks LOL means 'lots of love'. When my aunt died, she sent me an email saying, 'Aunty X died yesterday, LOL, Mum x'