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Links tagged with “palm”

  1. Pre to postmortem: the inside story of the death of Palm and webOS | The Verge

    I love this kind of thing, looks at the success and/or failure of technology platforms and products from the inside.

  2. - Home of Shadow Plan for Palm OS

    Notebook, outliner, etc to maybe try one day, although the website design makes me distrust the software before I’ve even looked at it.

  3. Google Maps - Treo

    Official Google Maps app for the Treo. Works a treat. All it needs now is walking directions…

  4. PalmMAME Arcade Emulator for PalmOS

    Haven’t tried this yet either.

  5. CaSTaway - Portable Atari ST for Palm OS, Zodiac, GP32 and Sony PSP!

    I installed the Palm version on my Treo 650 but it says there’s not enough RAM to run.

  6. StickyBrain

    To remember in case I ever need a more comprehensive notes/to dos/actions application than simple .txt files.

  7. Complete Wikipedia on your handheld or notebook in TomeRaider format

    Oooh… another reason to upgrade my Palm. (via Chris)

  8. Dokusha Home Page

    Japanese text reader, dictionary and “study system” for Palms.

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