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Links tagged with “obituaries”

  1. Oliver Frey obituary |

    Sorry to hear this. His art for Crash was a big part of my childhood. And I didn’t know he also created gay erotica! (via Things Magazine)

  2. Robert Silvers obituary | Books | The Guardian

    I hadn’t realised he’d been the NYRB’s editor since it began in 1963.

  3. Ray Booty obituary | Sport |

    Sounds like a good chap. First cyclist to do 100 miles in under four hours (in 1956). Stayed an amateur. Had cold porridge in his drinks bottle

  4. Martin Woodhouse - Telegraph

    “Martin Woodhouse, who has died aged 78, was a psychologist and medic, but worked variously as a novelist, scriptwriter, engineer, programmer, government planner, artificial intelligence researcher and perfumer.” That’s a life.  (via Infovore)

  5. Long live Karl Marx! « The Bristol Blogger

    Awww… we used to see this guy at Ashton Court Festival, wandering around in a leather thong with a huge bottle of cider. He was called Colin Toogood and he’s died.

  6. Archinect : News : Jane Jacobs goes to the great city in the sky

    Fairly detailed obituary/summary. (via City of Sound)

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