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Links tagged with “newsnight”

  1. BBC - Newsnight: Paul Mason: Twenty reasons why it’s kicking off everywhere

    Really, really worth a read, about the nature of young, disparate and distributed protest movements these days. “During the early 20th century people would ride hanging on the undersides of train carriages across borders just to make links like these.” (via Ben Hammersley)

  2. Read it and weep: Evan Williams of Twitter on Newsnight - the transcript | Technology |

    What’s more depressing: The bored inanity of the Newsnight interview? That an event this unimportant is reported by the Guardian? Or the Guardian’s relentlessly anti-Twitter commenters? Tough call.

  3. BBC News | Programmes | Newsnight | Stephen Fry dismisses MPs’ expenses row

    Exactly what I needed. Stephen Fry putting the infuriating and angry-making MPs’ expenses stuff into perspective. It’s a very bad thing but there are more important things to get angry about. (via Tom Taylor)

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