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Links tagged with “museums”

  1. There’s No App for That: Adventures in Conserving Old Tech · SFMOMA

    About the difficulties of starting up a mint iPhone 1 and exhibiting it as a working thing. And HyperCard. (via @antimega)

  2. [this is aaronland] The “Drinking Coffee and Stealing Wifi” 2012 World Tour

    (December 2012) Aaron Straup Cope’s keynote. Museums online, archiving, Flickr, Foursquare, unique IDs… so much stuff, so good.

  3. Social Change - BKM TECH

    About which services the Brooklyn Museum is going to stop using (incuding Flickr and iTunes U) due to decreasing engagement with users. I like the explicitness of this. Stop it if it’s not working. (via @thisisaaronland)

  4. This at There

    Very nice list of art / exhibitions on in London, ordered by how soon they close, from It’s Nice That. (via @antimega)

  5. Elif Batuman · Diary: Pamuk’s Museum · LRB 7 June 2012

    I hadn’t heard of this. Orhan Pamuk made a museum of objects belonging to characters from his novel ‘The Museum of Innocence’, which he’d originally intended to be written as a museum catalogue. Now he’s writing the catalogue for this museum.

  6. When Should I Visit Science Museum?

    What a lovely idea - which museums are most or least likely to be busy today?

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