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Links tagged with “mikejohnston”

  1. The Online Photographer: The Worst Player in the NBA

    The post and the featured comments on the gap between good amateurs and pros in various sports and professions.

  2. The Online Photographer: Warren Buffet’s Principle (The Little Game, Part 3 of 3)

    I like this idea for focusing on a few interests, but I’m scared of trying it on all the interests I’m, er, not actually doing anyway. Hmm.

  3. The Online Photographer: The Remarkable Persistence of 24x36

    Really good history of why “full frame” digital cameras have a sensor size of 24mm x 36mm, dimensions set in 1913.

  4. A Visit to the Treasure Vaults

    Some good stuff about how Kodak was often too early with digital camera technology, not too late, and was no good at marketing it.

  5. The Online Photographer: The Culture of Photography

    Both for the topic – about how the different kinds of photography are changing – but also as an example of a blog with routinely great (moderated) comments. It’s also wonderful that Mike Johnston pulls out the best comments at the end of each post.

  6. The Online Photographer: Open Mike: Photo Essay (Part I)

    I love this photo essay of Mike Johnston getting a reconditioned pool table installed. So much skill and attention to detail. Also, it makes me wish I was there with them all, hanging out, chatting. I could happily read this site even if it never mentioned photography.

  7. The Online Photographer: Open Mike: A Little Site

    Just a nice post on the finances of running a blog as a job - advertising, Amazon affiliate links, selling books, etc. Often precarious.

  8. The Online Photographer: (OT) All You Need for Great Sound

    Suggestion for great-sounding iPhone/iPad amp and small speakers. More suggestions in the comments.

  9. The Online Photographer: Mike’s Darkroom

    I’ve been really enjoying these posts about constructing a darkroom. Not because I want one, but because reading about the layout decisions made by someone with lots of experience is fascinating. There’s so much a novice would miss.

  10. The Online Photographer: The Best Photography How-To Books

    Excellent, a short list of practical photography book recommendations by someone who knows their stuff.

  11. The Online Photographer: The Leica as Teacher

    I like this idea. Despite the follow-up explaining why only a Leica will do, I’ve just bought a decent second hand 50mm lens for my old Pentax K1000 and may give this a go. (via Infovore)

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