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Links tagged with “michaelmoorcock”

  1. When Hari Kunzru met Michael Moorcock | Science fiction books | The Guardian

    I must have read this at the time (2011) but I just came across it again, so.

  2. How to Write a Book in Three Days: Lessons from Michael Moorcock | Wet Asphalt

    I spent a lot of teenage time reading these books. (via Boing Boing via Interconnected)

  3. A [Suggested] Moorcock Reading Order [Work in Progress] - Moorcock’s Miscellany

    I wondered whether to re-read the Eternal Champion etc novels, then realised quite how many there are. But interesting to see the suggested order of the Dancers at / Legends from the End of Time stories.

  4. Michael Moorcock, Alan Moore, Iain Sinclair « Mostly on McSweeney’s!

    A very nicely written set of notes about that discussion at the British Library a week ago. (via Blech)

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