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2013-08-22 (Thursday)


  1. A [Suggested] Moorcock Reading Order [Work in Progress] - Moorcock’s Miscellany

    I wondered whether to re-read the Eternal Champion etc novels, then realised quite how many there are. But interesting to see the suggested order of the Dancers at / Legends from the End of Time stories.


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    @suegyford One industry’s necessary terms of art are everyone else’s ridiculous jargon.

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    @paulpod A table? Surely you mean a series of divs laboriously arranged to achieve the same result? Oh… sorry, I see.

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    It’s clever of the Guardian to integrate a game into all of their web pages: can you click a link before it moves while various assets load?

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    Too many @bergcloud bridges. A Faraday cage for every developer.

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    It used to be that you couldn’t re-subscribe to Quora’s apparently excellent weekly digest email, but you can now:…

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    HOLY SHIT #5peoplewillgetthis

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    Hey, I just thought this,
    And this is crazy,
    But here's my hovercraft,
    So timeshare, maybe?