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Links tagged with “math”

  1. From Fish to Infinity - Opinionator Blog -

    The start of a series explaining maths to adults. Sounds good. There’s a link to Steven Strogatz’s own RSS feed at the bottom of the right column. (via Kottke)

  2. Mathematical Studies (Certificate of Higher Education), 2009/2010 entry (part-time study) - Birkbeck, University of London

    Requires at least one evening a week of going to a class, but looks an interesting option.

  3. Realistic to start MST121 from GCSE Maths?! - The Student Room

    “I haven’t touched Maths since GCSE (i’m now 34)…” A question and some answers about the OU’s maths courses.

  4. Mathematics | Undergraduate Courses, Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates and Qualifications - Open University

    The OU have a fairly flexible set of courses. Also, more helpful and flexible about choosing what level to start at.

  5. Mathematics A level - NEC Courses

    Looks like a fairly flexible way to build a self study A level course.

  6. “physics for beginners, and the maths that goes with it”

    Problem: How do I find time to learn stuff like this when I need to know stuff like this before I can expand time enough so I have time to learn it?

  7. How to Learn Math and Physics

    Recommendations of books to take you through the main topics of physics and maths. Oh for much, much more time.

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