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2009-09-09 (Wednesday)


  1. Mathematical Studies (Certificate of Higher Education), 2009/2010 entry (part-time study) - Birkbeck, University of London

    Requires at least one evening a week of going to a class, but looks an interesting option.

  2. Realistic to start MST121 from GCSE Maths?! - The Student Room

    “I haven’t touched Maths since GCSE (i’m now 34)…” A question and some answers about the OU’s maths courses.

  3. Mathematics | Undergraduate Courses, Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates and Qualifications - Open University

    The OU have a fairly flexible set of courses. Also, more helpful and flexible about choosing what level to start at.

  4. Mathematics A level - NEC Courses

    Looks like a fairly flexible way to build a self study A level course.


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    #friendsweneversaw The one in which they reveal the gruesome horrors hidden on the fourth wall of their apartment.

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    @emerydavid Thanks for that - Birkbeck maths course looks interesting. Not sure if I want to do an evening class or just self-study though.

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    Mourning the overnight loss of my slowly cultivated extra-long (3cm-ish) eyebrow hair. Farewell old friend.