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Links tagged with “manufacturing”

  1. ukmade | Made in Great Britain – recommendations of quality products made in the British Isles

    A blog with some quite exhaustive posts on different types of goods and which companies make their products in the UK.

  2. Daytum - Some data about Good Night Lamp

    Alex’s overview of how much each bit of making and selling 200 IoT lamps cost. Always interesting to see this kind of thing from small businesses.

  3. How Apple Makes the Watch — Atomic Delights

    An explanation of the shots in Apple’s video about making their Watch, for those of us who know little about manufacturing or how impressive the processes might be. (via Tom Taylor)

  4. Made by Hand

    I like what the subjects of this series are doing but (and I may be overly cynical) these narrow-focused, American-sincerity videos are a hand-crafted inch from parody.

  5. Melin Maildy

    I’m enjoying this blog, chronicling one person preparing to make and sell things they knit. Suppliers, materials, processes, etc. (via @hiutdenim)

  6. John Smedley factory tour « Lineage of influence

    Photos from a tour round the factory of John Smedley, who make knitwear. (via @sehkelly)

  7. Grain & Gram — The New Gentlemans Journal / The Exchange / A Conversation With Roy Slaper

    An interview with a man who started hand-making jeans, with no experience, and now does it full time. (via @hiutdenim)

  8. HIUT — Our Town is going to make jeans again

    “Cardigan is a small town of 4,000 good people. 400 of them used to make jeans. They made 35,000 pairs a week. …our town is going to make jeans again. … Here goes.” Re-starting some British manufacturing.

  9. Core77 - The True Story of Automoblox

    From 2005, about the struggles to get a toy car product line manufactured in China. A good read. (via Kottke, a while ago)

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