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2015-07-24 (Friday)


  1. Daytum - Some data about Good Night Lamp

    Alex’s overview of how much each bit of making and selling 200 IoT lamps cost. Always interesting to see this kind of thing from small businesses.


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    @hondanhon I don’t know if they’re best, but I’ve been happy with the Chambers dictionary and thesaurus (separate apps).

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    @DigitalDWP @neillyneil @hondanhon Well done. Out of interest, why is it a PDF and not a web page?

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    @revdancatt @guardian I was baffled earlier - searched a page for text. 1 match found but I couldn’t see it. Hidden behind overlaid footer.

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    “No one’s seen him for years. I heard he’s re-creating Web 2.0.”
    “I thought 90s web?”
    “Maybe; his shed has ‘Early Web Re-enactment’ on it.”

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    @Pinboard You mean, there's a market demand for miniscule violins that the incumbent dinosaurs aren't filling? TO THE DISRUPTIONMOBILE!