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Links tagged with “local”

  1. Nextdoor | What is address verification?

    Nextdoor, private online networks for (US) neighbourhoods sounds interesting. Here’s how they verify a new user’s address. I like the postcard method.

  2. Stoke-on-Trent Community News & Politics | Pits n Pots

    The “hyper-local” one(?) man news website that’s one of two projects to receive funding from Simon Kelner’s new Journalism Foundation.

  3. LocalWiki - The open-content, open-source effort to share the world’s local knowledge

    This looks very nice. Open source, nicely designed, good idea. (via @mala)

  4. Elmcity project FAQ « Jon Udell

    A way to aggregate iCalendar feeds about a particular location using Delicious. Looks slightly fiddly but also nice in a loosely-joined kind of way. (via Tom Taylor)

  5. The Printed Blog | Home

    A trial of a twice-daily very local newspaper in some US locations using content from blogs. It would be difficult to be any worse than, say, Metro, London Lite, Evening Standard, etc. in London.

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