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Links tagged with “journals”

  1. Journal of Design and Science

    New, free, online journal from the MIT Media Lab. Kevin Slavin, Neti Oxman, Joi Ito, Danny Hillis. Seems good, although a little awkward to read on an iPad at the moment. Design and technology, eh?

  2. Bookslut | WE WILL CONVERT THE KING IF POSSIBLE: The Greatness of Little Magazines

    Really worth a read. “The Web, one would think, opens up all kinds of possibilities for imaginative typography or design a la BLAST, but adventurous publishing like that is rare. Why? The pageviews-for-cash, keywords-are-compulsory bottom line? Laziness? Dullness?” (via Magazine Modernisms)

  3. Modernist Journals Project

    “Our primary mission is to produce digital editions of culturally significant magazines from around the early 20th century and make them freely available to the public on our website.” Fab.

  4. Magazine Modernisms | Dedicated to Modern Periodical Studies

    A blog about interesting old magazines and journals.

  5. Newspapers and magazines - Digital National library of Serbia

    Scanned and browsable issues, from the avant-garde ‘Zenit’ to ‘Advanced Beekeeping’. Awesome (especially if you read Serbian).

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