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Links tagged with “johnpeel”

  1. Music | Precious Recordings of London

    “Classic BBC radio sessions by artists we like in lovingly curated vinyl packages with exclusive sleeve notes and pics.” Prolapse, Hefner, Heavenly… (via @sweepingnation)

  2. Formally Known As The Bollocks : John Peel Sessions

    Links to nearly all Peel Sessions on YouTube. (via several places)

  3. Dandelion Radio - Festive 50

    Don’t know how I missed that someone had been continuing Peel’s Festive Fifties. I’m loving the radio too.

  4. Festive 50 - Lists between 1976 and 2000 «

    Spotify playlists for (incomplete) John Peel’s Festive Fifties. (via Paulpod on Twitter)

  5. Main Page - John Peel Wiki - a Wikia wiki

    More Peel info than you could ever need. I had no idea there were quite so many tapes (now MP3s) of complete Peel shows in existence. (via Ted Mills)

  6. The Perfumed Garden: Brian Eno & The Winkies - 5th March 1974

    I had no idea Eno did a Peel Session, but here it is!

  7. The Perfumed Garden

    I’ve been very much enjoying this weblog that posts Peel Session MP3s (there’s a long list in the sidebar under ‘Active Sessions’).

  8. C90 Go: Number 1

    Reminiscing about music taped from 1988/89’s Festive Fifities. Very familiar: I taped the same. I’m an individual like everyone else. (Found when searching for ‘Convenience’ by Bob.)

  9. Teenage Kicks 3000

    More Peel sesssions. I must have been dozing to miss these.

  10. Right place, right time, wrong speed - The Peel Tapes

    MP3s of John Peel shows, sessions, interviews, etc.

  11. Peel sessions: band index

    Index of Peel Sessions, 1992-2002.

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