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Links tagged with “jeremykeith”

  1. Adactio: Journal—Directory enquiries

    Good quotes and thoughts on younger people having no understanding of folder structures etc. I love, and often think in, hierarchical structures like directories.

  2. Adactio: Journal—Split

    Lots of good stuff about front end materials versus front end tools, the gate-keeping of making front-end stuff more computer-sciency, etc.

  3. Adactio: Journal—Web! What is it good for?

    Another smashing post from Jeremy Keith. “What attracted me to the web was its remarkable ability to allow anyone to share anything, not just for the here and now, but for the future too.”

  4. Adactio: Journal—Instantiation

    Jeremy Keith on how people who complain the web is slow and rubbish are right to the extent that many people making websites have made them more slow and more rubbish than they should be.

  5. Adactio: Journal—URLy warning

    Jeremy Keith is, as usual, right. Chrome removing the URL bar makes me much sadder, and a bit angrier, than any UI tweaking should.

  6. Adactio: Journal—The tragedy of the commons

    All of this. On the Brooklyn Museum, who haven’t just moved on from Flickr Commons, but deleted all their stuff from it as well.

  7. Adactio: Journal—In dependence

    Jeremy Keith collects a bunch of thoughts and quotes on the importance of hosting your own stuff, not posting to silos owned by companies that disappear with it all. (via Paul’s Mison)

  8. Adactio: Articles—Beyond Tellerrand

    A great talk by Jeremy Keith on archiving, the web, App Stores, URLs, design, history, the future, what’s important… just all the good stuff.

  9. Adactio: Journal—Image-y nation

    One way to do responsive images on web pages for different-sized devices which is very reminiscent of the old LOWSRC images which I’ve been thinking about recently. (via Infovore)

  10. Adactio: Journal—Home-grown and Delicious

    Yes, I’ve been thinking this self-hosting-with-syndication model is the way to go. I don’t use Delicious’s social features at all, but if I self-hosted my links I’d still like them to be viewable by others in my network, if they’re interested. (via @preoccupations)

  11. Adactio: Journal—Magnoliloss

    On backing up his Magnolia links and wondering how to back up the rest of his distributed online life. (via Blech)

  12. Adactio: Journal — Hacky holidays on OS X

    How to set up virtual hosts, PHP5 and MySQL on Leopard, for when I upgrade soonish.

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