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Links tagged with “jamesareeves”

  1. Atlas Minor • 2022 Rotation

    I haven’t heard any of these albums yet, but the descriptions are excellent.

  2. Atlas Minor • Believe

    “C. and I have met quite a few nostalgic students. They’re making video poems to the 1990s. They deliver speeches in auditoriums about the stress of screens. They rhapsodize about a simpler time, and they sound like ancient poets, pining for a lost golden age.”

  3. Atlas Minor • Morning Man

    For the contrast between the morning fantasy routine and the reality. Also: “Nobody works at becoming a night owl, do they?”

  4. Atlas Minor • Fireworks

    What a great photo, and a lovely paragraph that echoes my mind at the moment.

  5. Atlas Minor • 8½

    “Could you leave everything behind and start from zero again? Pick one thing, and one only, and be absolutely devoted to it? Make it the reason for your existence, the thing that contains everything, that becomes everything, because your dedication to it makes it last forever?”

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