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2022-02-07 (Monday)


  1. Atlas Minor • Morning Man

    For the contrast between the morning fantasy routine and the reality. Also: “Nobody works at becoming a night owl, do they?”

  2. alberti42/Volume-Control: Successor of iTunes Volume Control

    Control or Spotify volume (and not the system volume) with your Mac’s keyboard’s volume controls.


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    @benbrown When I was 6 there was a dramatisation of 'The Eagle of the Ninth' on TV. The child Marcus, a future officer, is branded on his forehead. And so whenever we peeled a label off some fruit we stuck it to our forehead and said "I'm baby Marcus!"

    I definitely don't still do this.

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  • benterrett’s avatar

    The youngest thinks we have another child called Admin that we haven't told her about.

    She saw folders on the computer; Ben, Lisa, the names of her brothers, her name and Admin.

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    Who said that you cannot print GIFs?