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Links tagged with “jacobkaplanmoss”

  1. My Python Development Environment, 2020 Edition | Jacob Kaplan-Moss

    As the previous edition, interesting. I’ll stick with pipenv instead of poetry for now, as I’m happy with it. I should use pipx but not sure how to go from my current mess to that. (via Simon Willison)

  2. Django Deployment Workshop by Jacob Kaplan-Moss

    This looks good. A three hour video tutorial about deploying Django, “including Amazon’s EC2 and S3, Fabric, Varnish, nginx, mod_wsgi, memcached, PostgreSQL, pgpool, pg_standby, and more.” I just need to find three spare hours now.

  3. The Best (and Worst) of Django

    A presentation covering a few things to do or avoid. Bookmarking it mainly for the settings bit at the end, something I should do better, like this.

  4. The Django Book: Version 2.0 (English)

    Lets people attach comments to individual paragraphs. Quite nicely done compared to some similar implementations (eg, BookGlutton, CommentPress).

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