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Links tagged with “grangehill”

  1. Grange Hill Online - Locations

    Amazing: matching up shots from Grange Hill episodes with photos of the real world contemporary locations. The Internet’s fab. (via EnemyOfChaos on Twitter)

  2. BBC drops Grange Hill | Media |

    Damn. I’ve still been enjoying recent series, and the next one will be the last. I bet you it (and Top of the Pops) will be brought back by future BBC decision makers, like Dr Who was.

  3. Grange Hill Online | Series 31 is coming!

    Being shown “exclusively” on CBBC”, old theme tune returns, age range covered is moving downward for a younger audience, “fantasy sequences” being introduced… doesn’t sound good.

  4. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself - Results for “grange hill”

    Fantastic amounts of time wasting. See especially “grange hill,old ,skool” (the “Just Say No” video).

  5. Grange Hill Online - Mersey TV Pulls Plug on GH Online

    Copyright issues beset the world of Grange Hill fandom.

  6. BBC - CBBC - Grange Hill

    A new series, the 28th, starts this afternoon. Hurrah!

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