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Bookmarks tagged with “generationx”

  1. Why Generation X will save the web - Hi, I’m Heather Burns

    I enjoyed this, about millennials making government policy based on the internet *they* know. But it doesn’t answer the title’s “Why”, and the “under 30s” is no longer a definition of millennials. (via Adactio)

  2. Prince Charles Cinema - Slackers presents… Singles

    Nostalgic retromania events have definitely reached the early 90s. “Not only will we be presenting the film, but there will also be a selection of music videos with lyrics on the screen for you to sing along to before the film…”

  3. Emptyage — Generation X Doesn’t Want to Hear It

    I’m not quite sure what point this is trying to make, if any, but I like it all the same. (via Waxy)

  4. Generation PC, 1964-73 - Brainiac - The Boston Globe

    A guide to the names of different generations. Generation X etc. (via Kottke)

  5. Generation X Neo-logisms

    One of my favourite books, but noted again because I’d forgotten the phrase “option paralysis” came from it. (via Francis)

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