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Links tagged with “foursquare”

  1. [this is aaronland] The “Drinking Coffee and Stealing Wifi” 2012 World Tour

    (December 2012) Aaron Straup Cope’s keynote. Museums online, archiving, Flickr, Foursquare, unique IDs… so much stuff, so good.

  2. The Reaction To ‘Girls Around Me’ Was Far More Disturbing Than The ‘Creepy’ App Itself - Forbes

    Yeah, this I think. There is creepiness around the app but, also, I can use my *eyes* to *see* girls around me but not many people are suggesting we put out our eyes or make all women hide themselves when out in public.

  3. Building a recommendation engine, foursquare style | Foursquare Engineering Blog

    Nice description of how Foursquare developed their tool for recommending places to you in Foursquare v3. (via Tom Taylor)

  4. 1UP: The importance of platforms, and how we’re extending ours | Foursquare Blog

    Ooh, nice: Foursquare’s Venue Project, to tie together IDs for different places (businesses, buildings, etc) on different sites and services. (via Booktwo)

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