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Links tagged with “english”

  1. Amia Srinivasan · He, She, One, They, Ho, Hus, Hum, Ita: How Should I Refer to You? · LRB 2 July 2020

    I had no idea there had been quite so many attempts to come up with gender-neutral pronouns for quite so long.

  2. The Linguistic Evolution of ‘Like’ - The Atlantic

    On the recent uses of “like” in English. More interesting than I expected and, thankfully, not at all condescending.

  3. L-vocalization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A couple of times I’ve tried to find the term for this (pronouncing an ‘l’ in a word a bit more like ‘w’), and failed. Now I’ve got it.

  4. The Eggcorn Database

    “This site is devoted to collecting the kind of unusual English spellings that have come to be called eggcorns.” Great reading. (via @joroach)

  5. Analyst Equity: Mid-Atlantic reading on the English

    I like the summary of American/English character differences (via ObLinks).

  6. IDEA - The International Dialects Of English Archive

    Another archive of people from around the world speaking texts with their different accents.

  7. Speech Accent Archive

    Hear people from different parts of the world recite the same paragraph. Fascinating.

  8. Pepys’ Diary: Thursday 27 November 1662

    “But Lord! to see the absurd nature of Englishmen, that cannot forbear laughing and jeering at every thing that looks strange.” Nice to know we’ve progressed in 343 years. Er…

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