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Links tagged with “economist”

  1. The Economist’s Tom Standage on digital strategy and the limits of a model based on advertising » Nieman Journalism Lab

    Really good interview, on finishability, advertising, types of digital news models. (via Tom Taylor)

  2. The Amen break: Just a sample | The Economist

    Finally got round to reading/listening to all of this, 15 months after everyone else linked to it. I love this stuff, because I’m so oblivious to the details of samples normally.

  3. Populations: End of history and the last woman | The Economist

    Taking projections of declining birth rates literally results in Hong Kong’s population dying out in 2798, Brazil by year 5000.

  4. The battle of Towton: Nasty, brutish and not that short | The Economist

    Fascinating account of a War of the Roses battle from an excavated mass grave. I didn’t know men of the time weren’t much shorter than the average today (people shrank in the Victorian era). (via Kottke)

  5. Britain’s “broken society”: Through a glass darkly | The Economist

    Good article on how many things that you’d think would define “broken Britain” have been improving. Britain’s better.

  6. YouNotSneaky!: How to read The Economist

    Several friends seem to rate the Economist, which confuses the lefty in me. But this is a handy guide. (via Haddock)

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