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Links tagged with “digitalocean”

  1. How I setup and configure all of my websites | Go Make Things

    By Chris Ferdinandi. A dozen static sites on a Digital Ocean droplet.

  2. How To Deploy Multiple PHP Applications using Ansible on Ubuntu 14.04 | DigitalOcean

    A rare example of deploying multiple sites to one server with Ansible.

  3. How To Structure Large Flask Applications | DigitalOcean

    Always a pleasure to find useful tutorials that step though things clearly and Just Work.

  4. jcalazan/ansible-django-stack

    An Ansible playbook: Django, Postgres, Vagrant, Ubuntu 14.04, tested with DigitalOcean. Promising.

  5. Deploying Django 1.7 on Ubuntu with DigitalOcean - with PostgreSQL, Nginx, and Gunicorn |

    This seems reasonably thorough. Maybe I can face it. But part of me is thinking, “I wish I could just FTP some PHP files to a server.”

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