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Links tagged with “culture”

  1. Why haven’t internet creators become superstars?

    By David W. Marx. Part of my puzzlement that, for example, the world of The Guardian feels so entirely separate from internet culture.

  2. Metamodernism: A Brief Introduction | Notes on Metamodernism

    “…the discourse surrounding metamodernism engages with the resurgence of sincerity, hope, romanticism, affect, and the potential for grand narratives and universal truths, whilst not forfeiting all that we’ve learnt from postmodernism.”

  3. Broken Links, by Hari Kunzru

    Excellent on the differences between life, culture, things before and after the arrival of the internet.

  4. Domestic Cozy: 9

    High Peasant (Boomers), Premium Mediocre (Millennials), Domestic Cozy (Gen Z), Favela Chic (Gen X). From a low cost vs private pleasure 2x2.

  5. The Premium Mediocre Life of Maya Millennial

    Once you’ve read about premium mediocre you realise it’s a thing you see everywhere but hasn’t yet defined. (via a few places)

  6. How Trigger Warnings Are Hurting Mental Health on Campus - The Atlantic

    Fascinating. Things like this, and the behaviours and attitudes amplified by social media, make me wonder what the world will be like when today’s 20-year-olds are in charge. (via @preoccupations)

  7. Reading Right-to-Left |

    James Bridle on form. “I know people don’t read books like they used to, and they don’t think like they used to, but I struggle to care. … I’m feeling more sure of [the internet’s] cultural value and legacy, and more assertive about stating it.” Also, that reading a landscape right-to-left stuff.

  8. How Chan-Style Anonymous Culture Shapes #gamergate (with images, tweets) · a_man_in_black · Storify

    Really good on the clash of cultures between 4channers/GamerGaters and, well, normal people on Twitter. Other thoughts: Could this break out into media beyond Twitter? In what form? How would that affect society? (via @D_Nye_Griffiths)

  9. The Old Guard – Rands in Repose

    On the pattern of a group of people staring something and, as it expands, new people join and try to understand and codify the accumulated knowledge that is used by the original group through instinct alone. And the conflict that results. (via Tom Taylor)

  10. The coolest culture hack of all is not hacking your culture » Boyes Club

    Good. “If you tell me you want to ‘hack’ your culture, what I hear is, ‘I don’t know how to make the people working for me simultaneously more engaged and more productive, so I’m going to attempt to manipulate them in ways based entirely on my own misunderstanding of human behaviour and hope that gives me the results I’m looking for’.” (via @tomstuart)

  11. On Danny O’Brien on Shift Run Stop « Enemy of Chaos

    Leila’s reflections on Danny and NTK and geek culture and everything, plus a fascinating exchange between them over the past couple of days in the comments.

  12. Netflix - Reference Guide on our Freedom & Responsibility Culture

    Interesting readable presentation about Netflix’s culture. Although I haven’t worked in a company for years, I’m fascinated by this kind of thing. (via Kottke)

  13. Raph’s Website » The perfect geek age?

    “Was being born in 1971 the perfect time to be born a geek?” Well duh, of course! It’s a well known FACT. (via Boing Boing)

  14. Five Geek Social Fallacies

    Old, but I’d forgotten them if I ever saw them before. #5 particularly relevant to the question of whether to organise things via Twitter.

  15. Analyst Equity: Mid-Atlantic reading on the English

    I like the summary of American/English character differences (via ObLinks).

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