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Links tagged with “ctein”

  1. The Online Photographer: (OT) How Do You Build A Starship-Building Organization?

    About last September’s first conference by the 100 Year Starship foundation, starting to work out what kind of organisation would be required to launch a starship 100 years from now.

  2. The Online Photographer: Blog Note

    I keep hearing an ad at the cinema with a cover of ‘Little Boxes’ on it. No idea what it’s for, but I enjoyed the Featured Comment from Ctein on this post, who lives in Daly City, which is where the song was about.

  3. The Online Photographer: How To Improve Digital Print Tonality

    Simple tip for improving tonal separation: “Pull up Unsharp Masking. Set the Amount for somewhere between 8 and 15% (depending on taste, subject, and printer). Set the Radius for around 60 pixels. Set the Threshold to 0.”

  4. Chapter 10 - Examples (from Digital Restoration 1st-ed) (PDF)

    Fascinating, close to magic. Second edition of the book is out now and I’d love to do this kind of thing. You know, if I managed to double my available time.

  5. The Online Photographer: Tips for Finding ‘1000 True Fans’

    A photographer, six months after starting to fund himself by getting people to subscribe to his work.

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