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Links tagged with “crime”

  1. A Teen’s Fatal Plunge Into the London Underworld | The New Yorker

    Good, sad, alarming read about an unsolved probably-not-suicide.

  2. United States of America v Ross William Ulbricht (PDF)

    This is the criminal complaint against “Dread Pirate Roberts” of Silk Road, and is well worth a scan. Quite readable, and it’s interesting to see how they worked out who he was from a few online slip-ups.

  3. RSS commission new research into public perceptions of statistics | RSSeNews

    The British public thinks it lives in Daily Mail fantasy horror world. (via @wonderlandblog)

  4. Amanda Knox: What’s in a face? | World news | The Guardian

    Fascinating article about how quickly, and wrongly, we judge others. “The model we seem to work with is something like this: I am infinitely subtle, complex and never quite what I seem; you are predictable and straightforward, an open book.”

  5. Britain’s “broken society”: Through a glass darkly | The Economist

    Good article on how many things that you’d think would define “broken Britain” have been improving. Britain’s better.

  6. Wired Scenarios: - Global Neighborhood Watch Neal Stephenson

    For blech, Neal Stephenson in 1995, imagining people watching CCTV cameras over the internet, like the new ‘Internet Eyes’ scheme starting in Britain.

  7. Oakland crime maps XI: how close, and how bad? (tecznotes)

    Thought process on making heat maps out of the Oakland Crimespotting data. (via Simon Willison)

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