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Links tagged with “craigmod”

  1. Covid. — Roden Newsletter Archive

    Craig Mod on catching covid while in England. The non-mask-wearing here continues to baffle me.

  2. Running a Successful Membership / Subscription Program — by Craig Mod

    Another good update, after two years of running his program. I love this kind of “lessons learned / how to” thing.

  3. Offscreen Magazine Interview — by Craig Mod

    Really nice piece. Thoughtful, pragmatic, calm. On books, working out what scale of effect gives you satisfaction, pace, depth, connectivity. (via Warren Ellis)

  4. How I Got My Attention Back

    Craig Mod on being more careful with when and how he’s online. As “I gave up the Internet” articles go, more thoughtful and realistic.

  5. Photography, hello — Software ate the camera, but freed the photograph by Craig Mod

    So many quotable bits. And it’s about more than cameras. About the uncomfortable but fruitful position of straddling technological shifts. About the value of a new product that simplifies only a tiny number of steps. About the importance of the network to story-telling.

  6. Subcompact Publishing — by Craig Mod

    I’ve only read a third of this so far but it’s very good. There are so many opportunities for small publishing these days, while the old, slow big publishers struggle. (via @readmatter)

  7. A List Apart: Articles: A Simpler Page

    A bit about the problems of formatting long-form stuff for different screens, and then his solution, Bibiotype, an HTML/CSS/JS template, which is really gorgeous.

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