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2022-06-30 (Thursday)



  1. ‘A massive betrayal’: how London’s Olympic legacy was sold out | Olympic legacy | The Guardian

    I am shocked, shocked! that the Olympics wasn’t a great way to redevelop part of London. Who could possibly have guessed.

  2. Covid. — Roden Newsletter Archive

    Craig Mod on catching covid while in England. The non-mask-wearing here continues to baffle me.


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    Delight. Invisible design. Optimised user experience. Intuitive and useful. Inspirational. Approachable and usable. Simplicity.

    Nothing else looks or feels like an Apple product.

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    Sure, mandate USB-C ports for all devices, but where’s the mandate for 3.5mm audio sockets you cowards?!

    Yes, it’s 0 days since I went out with headphones but no adapter.

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    @annagoss As with everywhere, their site has a lot of holistic transformation strategy, but make and support nice websites for nice organisations. (I’ve only worked with them as a developer, not a client.)

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    From left to right:
    🔘Private school/Oxford
    🔘State school/Bradford and Sussex
    🔘Private school/Oxford
    🔘Private school/Cambridge
    🔘Private school/Durham

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    Experiments I conducted with DALL·E 2 from @OpenAI replicating styles of well known portrait photographers using photo-realistic AI. 🧵
    1. Dorothea Lange