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2021-02-14 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2021-02-14

    Untold by Sophia Loizou; boring Docker and GitHub Actions stuff; Adam Curtis argument; and It’s a Sin.


  1. Running a Successful Membership / Subscription Program — by Craig Mod

    Another good update, after two years of running his program. I love this kind of “lessons learned / how to” thing.

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    There's a pretty strong relationship between one's self-image as a dispassionate rational thinker and the degree to which one is susceptible to fall for utterly irrational beliefs that are presented with some sort of scientific veneer

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    We’re doing the only thing we can think of, and I’m hoping we can fix this, but if we get murdered with an axe in about 2 months, let it be known that we accept that as fair. Also, if you know someone who picked up a free jigsaw near the Barbican, please let them know.

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    Roses are red,
    roses are blue
    depending on their velocity
    relative to you

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